Kerangka Berpikir Aliran-Aliran Ilmu Kalam Perbedaan Pendapat Dalam Islam Dan Persoalan Kalam


  • Fathur Rohman.AR


Islamic schools of kalam, differences of opinion, problems of kalam


The involvement of logic, philosophy and reason is necessary in understanding and interpreting Islamic teachings. In this case the science of kalam focuses on aspects of divinity and its derivations, such as the existence of God and His attributes and everything related to Him and solving problems that are contrary to kalam such as disbelief, polytheism, hypocrisy. This study used a qualitative approach with the literature research method. The main thing in the source of this research is taken from books and scientific articles about the Science of Kalam. While other sources are obtained from scientific papers and other research. Data analysis in this study was by collecting literature related to research, then reviewing related literature and analyzing it to answer the research focus. The results of the research are: (1) The science of kalam is a scientific discipline that discusses matters of faith, studying the existence of God, the attributes of God and His substance, the main points of religion, the principles of religious belief based on naqli and reason (ratio). (2) In the science of kalam, there are various issues that concern many aspects of life, starting from issues related to faith and disbelief, the status of those who commit major sins, the nature and substance of God, and so on. (3) As for the background to the emergence of the issue of kalam, namely political issues that are subjective.